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Here is a link to the TMP website which says alot..

Phil Winfield, UK - Hi Stuart, Flags arrived today as you promise. The quality of the flags is as good as I've seen, and the option to scale the flags up or down to suit the flagstaff length or personal taste is brilliant.Excellent product, excellent service.

The first of many orders.

Regards, Phil

Mr Hulon Cox, Houston Texas, USA

Dear Stuart,
I received the flags and only one word describes them...FANTASTIC!
I am putting together a new order...more Russian cavalry flags....I am still not sure if they need to be 6 or 8 mm? The 8mm are big enough to actually show up on table...even if historically they are not actually to I like them best...have any of your other customers had any opinions on the scale for 6mm? I am wondering how your true 6 mm flags compare to the 8 mm. In my next order I may "mix" scales to do a comparison. I should complete new order by June 29th.

Mr David Williams, Campbell, Australia - Stuart, my flags arrived today. Nice work mate. Thanks

Michael Haselden, Wiltshire, UK - Hi Stuart  received flags on Wednesday morning very impressed. Thank you for producing them so quickly, now all I have to do is paint the figures, once again cheers   mick

Andrew Brentn, UK - Many, many thanks. They have arrived safely and in perfect condition this lunchtime (pretty good going!) and they are beautiful. The effects style really lifts them above the ordinary, and I believe the green colour is just about perfect for the Saxons. Level, of detail on crown and arms are also excellent.  All in all excellent quality, well done!

Frank Hodnett, London, UK - Hello Stuart. Just received your flags late this afternoon ,What can I say?---absolutely fantastic--great details--smashing--loved em. Without a doubt ,I will be ordering more flags from you very soon. Also thanks for all the help you gave me .Cheers   frank

Neil Parry, Wokingham, UK - Hello, I received my flags today and they are excellent! I can't wait to get the units finished so that they can be attached, they will look splendid!  Regards Neil

 Miguel, Barcelona, SPAIN - Dear gentleman, having received today my order, I write him this note to thank him the speed with which has served me and the exceptional quality of their flags so much in the colour, their texture, historical fidelity and measures which fit perfectly with my figures. 
 In some days I request him another remittance of flags again, since starting from now step to consider him me habitual supplier 
 Thank you for everything and "God saves the Queen" 

Scott Driscoll, AUSTRALIA - Hi, I recently received my flags I ordered from you. Let me start by saying  simply OUTSTANDING service.
No sooner did I place my order that I received an email from you asking if I wanted my flags "a little larger, to suit 18mm figures"?
Which I did, as most of my figs are AB Miniatures, (closer to 18mm)
Communication was excellent, as I asked questions about future releases and received your answers very quickly, (within hours as opposed to days / weeks)
The flags themselves, "EFFECTS type on Quality Paper" are very good IMHO, equaling many of the more expensive options available from your competitors.
They arrived from the UK to me in Australia within a week. Again, excellent.
Packaging? Excellent.
All in all, a pleasure to do business with and excellent value for money.