Seven Years War 1756-1763


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Astrakhanski-Regimental Colours

Astrakhanski-Lieb Colours

Azovski-Regimental Colours

Azovski-Lieb Colours

Belozerski-Regimental Colours

Belozerski-Lieb Colours

Butyrski-Regimental Colours

Butyrski-Lieb Colours

Chernigov-Regimental Colours

Chernigov-Leib Colours

Daghestanski-Regimental Colours

Daghestanski-Lieb Colours

Ingemanlands Regimental Colours

Ingemanlands Leib Colours

Kazanski Regimental Colours

Kazanski Leib Colours

Laroslavski-Regimental Colours

Laroslavski-Lieb Colours

Rostovski-Regimental Colours
Rostovski-Lieb Colours
Saint Petersburg-Regimental Colours
Saint Petersburg-Lieb Colours
Schlusselburg-Regimental Colours
Schlusselburg-Lieb Colours
Lieb GrenadierGarde-Regimental Colours
Lieb GrenadierGarde-Lieb Colours
Observation Corps 1st Musketeer Colonels

Observation Corps 1st Musketeer Regimental

Observation Corps 2nd Musketeer Colonels

Observation Corps 2nd Musketeer Regimental

Observation Corps 3rd Musketeer Colonels

Observation Corps 3rd Musketeer Regimental

Observation Corps 4th Musketeer Colonels

Observation Corps 4th Musketeer Regimental

Grenadier Guard Standards  were the same Colonels and Regimental for all four Batallions
1st, 2nd, 3rd OR 4th Grenadier Guards - Colonels

1st, 2nd, 3rd OR 4th Grenadier Guards - Regimental

Observation Corps Grenadiers Regimental

Observation Corps Grenadiers Colonels

Lifeguards Cuirassiers-Regimental Colours

Lifeguards Cuirassiers-Squadron Colours

Prince Fedorovitch Cuirassiers-Regimental Colours

Prince Fedorovitch Cuirassiers-Squadron Colours

3rd Cuirassiers-Regimental Colours

3rd Cuirassiers-Squadron Colours

Kazanskiy Cuirassiers-Regimental Colours

Kazanskiy Cuirassiers-Squadron Colours

Kievskiy Cuirassiers-Regimental Colours

Kievskiy Cuirassiers-Squadron Colours

Novotroitskiy Cuirassiers-Regimental Colours

Novotroitskiy Cuirassiers-Squadron Colours

Polish Winged Hussar Cavalry Pennant

Tobolskiy Dragoons Regimental Standard

Tobolskiy Dragoons Leib Standard

Saint Petersburg Horse Grenadier Regimental Standard

Saint Petersburg Horse Grenadier Leib Standard

Rizhskiy Horse Grenadier Regimental Standard

Rizhskiy Horse Grenadier Leib Standard

Kargopolskiy Horse Grenadier Regimental Standard

Kargopolskiy Horse Grenadier Leib Standard

Narvskiy Horse Grenadier Regimental Standard

Narvskiy Horse Grenadier Leib Standard

Ryazanskiy Horse Grenadier Regimental Standard

Ryazanskiy Horse Grenadier Leib Standard

Astrakhanskiy Horse Grenadier Regimental Standard

Astrakhanskiy Horse Grenadier Leib Standard