War of Spanish Succession



With An Eye for Detail       














Kronprinz IR-Colonels Colours

Kronprinz IR-Battalion Colours

Varennes IR-Colonels Colours

Varennes IR-Battalion Colours

Canitz IR-Colonels Colours

Canitz IR-Battalion Colours

Lottum IR-Colonels Colours (speculative)

Lottum IR-Battalion Colours

Alt Dohna Sovereign's Leibfahne Colours

Alt Dohna Regimenterfahne Colours

Anhalt Dessau Sovereign's Leibfahne Colours

Anhalt Dessau Regimenterfahne Colours

Unknown Fusilier-Sovereign's Leibfahne Colours

Unknown Fusilier-Regimenterfahne Colours

Fusilier-Leibgorde Sovereign's Leibfahne Colours

Fusilier-Leibgorde Regimenterfahne Colours

Markgraf Ph-Wilhelm IR-Colonels Colours

Markgraf Ph-Wilhelm IR-Battalion Colours

Wulffen IR-Colonels Colours

Wulffen IR-Battalion Colours

Zu Fub Otto Magnus Graf Doenoff IR-Colonels Colours Colours

Zu Fub Otto Magnus Graf Doenoff IR-Battalion Colours Colours

Christoph Graf Dohna IR-Colonels Colours

Christoph Graf Dohna IR-Battalion Colours

Tessin IR-Colonels Colours

Tessin IR-Battalion Colours

Markgraf Christian Ludwig IR-Colonels Colours

Markgraf Christian Ludwig IR-Battalion Colours

Anhalt Zerbst IR-Colonels Colours

Anhalt Zerbst IR-Battalion Colours

Ludwig Friedrich Herzog von Holstein-Beck IR-Colonels Colours

Ludwig Friedrich Herzog von Holstein-Beck IR-Battalion Colours


Sonsfeld DR-Leibstandarte Colours

Sonsfeld DR-Company Colours

Leibregiment DR-Leibstandarte Colours

Leibregiment DR-Company Colours (Spec)

Markgraf Philipp Cavalry Regiment Squadronstandarte

Markgraf Philipp Cavalry Regiment Leibfahne Colours

Ansbach DR Squadronstandarte

Ansbach DR Leibguidon

Derflinger DR Squadronstandarte

Derflinger DR Leibguidon

Markgraf Albrecht DR  Squadronstandarte

Markgraf Albrecht DR Leibguidon

Portail Cavalry Squadronstandarte

Portail Cavalry Leibguidon

Von Sclippenbach Cavalry Regiment Squadronstandarte

Von Sclippenbach Cavalry Regiment Leibfahne

Chalmot du Portail Cavalry Squadronstandarte

Chalmot du Portail Cavalry Leibfahne (speculative)

Prussia -Nach Fiebig Rekonstrl Cavalry Squadronstandarte

Zu Pferde Cavalry Regiment Squadronstandarte