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Welcome to my Waterslide Decal Section.

Please click for images of my decal used on my own models which are 15mm scale

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  Please click on the Decal Descriptions for an image..

So far only Germany, USA, and Britian are live, but over time more will be added.

Please note that my Waterslide Decals are based on height in mm's.

Some of my Decals may require double decals as there are far to many variations to add to this website.
For example, you would order blank vehicle blocks, then a set of numbers like the example below..
WWII British Example 1
Because of the nature of transparent Waterslide Decals, darker painted colours used on models may not show as vividly as they would on lighter painted colours.
To help with this, some of my Decals will also come with a pure White Decal the same shape.
This should be placed on first, then when dry, lay the coloured decal over the top.

2 Part Decal Type Sheet Example Button

Applies as per below..
2 Part Decal Image

(Printed onto White Decal Paper) these are then cut out and applied as normal.

I will be adding to my Decals over time, but if there are any you spefically need, please do let me know.

Ill also be adding Aircraft decals at some point.

Future projects will be Shield decals, weathering decals, rust, etc even wood planks and bricks