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Maverick Models is based in
the UK and ships worldwide. I provide detailed flags from many different historical eras in various sizes, plus affordable scenery for the amateur or professional wargamer.

All flags can be bought individually and are dispatched within 21 working days. Maverick Models takes all forms of debit and credit cards, and uses PAYPAL as its payment gateway. PAYPAL is globally renowned for its secure banking track record and you don't have to join to get the benefits of secure card transactions free.

I have over 2000 individual flags on this website and its always growing, but if you can't find the flag(s) you require, please contact me and I shall endeavor to provide you with the high quality and accurate recreations at the earliest opportunity.

All flags on this website have been extensively researched and graphically designed using studio quality digital imaging tools and printed using quality laser printing equipment



LAST UPDATED:  28-01-2022


The very latest news.

Hello to all, and a belated Happy New Year.

My apologies for the lack of updates to my website, but since November I have been working on a new website which should make things easier, and also provide an image of every flag I have.

As you can guess, with 3,000 flags it's a bit of a job, but I am happy to say that i'm 90% finished and within the next week it should be up and running.

Waterslide website WWII German is now live. More will be added later, but next will be the USA, then Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Japan, plus a MISC section with signs etc..

I have spent alot of time researching and recreating images from machine gauges, Road and Vintage advertising signs, shield designs, plus the usual WWII vehicle and aircraft decals.

I would like to thank everyone who has had patience with me over these difficult months, but now we can continue the advance..

I now have the capacity to create 15-25mm leaves to add that extra dimension to both figures and scenery. Check out my scenery section for images.




Union Material Flag


Confederate Material Flag


For the MATERIAL flags, and they are not available in 6mm sizes..

Any technical issues with this website, please, email me on the CONTACT button above and let me know, its the only way ill know, and then I can fix it.


SYW Spanish
NYW Savoy

WSS Savoy

Saxony WSS

Spanish American War

French Cavalry WSS

Prussia WSS

French NAP Fanions

WWII Russian Flags

Spanish Civil War

Just because some of my projects show 100%, that does not mean they are finished, all it means, is that at this moment, I have exhausted all my resources, but if I find more, ill still add more flags..


Now available are Waterslide Decals for WWII Germans, British, and USA with more coming soon

Just uploaded Vendee 1793 Revolution Flags in the French Revolution section

Just uploaded new NYW Spanish section

Just uploaded new Crimean War and Franco Prussian war sections and flags

Just Uploaded a dozen Hussite War Flags in a new section

Just uploaded more SYW Wurttemberg

Just uploaded new section for NAP Sardinia-Piedmont

Just uploaded some more SYW Austrian & Saxony Flags

Just uploaded some more NAP Prussian Dragoon flags, Spanish and Danish, plus 3 more SYW Prussian Flags.

Just uploaded a new NAP section with Batavian Flags

Just uploaded a few more SYW Russian Flags

Just uploaded GNW Russian flags

Just uploaded SYW Russian Horse Grenadier flags

Just uploaded more WOTR Richard III flags

Just uploaded more AWI Patriot flags, more coming very soon.

Just uploaded more Swedish SYW flags, more coming very soon.

Just uploaded more British AWI flags.

Just uploaded more NYW flags for the English, Irish, and Danish.

Just started a new section, Renaissance, and uploaded the first batch of what will be many more flags.

Just uploaded several more ECW Royalist Flags.

Just uploaded some French Revolutionary wars 1791 version, more to follow.

Just uploaded several more SYW countries  Flags.

Just uploaded a set of SYW Hesse-Kassel Flags.

Just uploaded a set of SYW Spanish Flags.

Just uploaded a new set of NAP Spanish Flags.

Just uploaded some SYW Saxony flags.

Just uploaded some SYW Swiss flags.

Just uploaded some SYW Hanover flags, more will follow very soon..

Just uploaded the some Fantasy flags, more will follow very soon.

Just finished some Indian flags for the Indian Mutiny uprising

Just uploaded some NYW Dutch flags

Just uploaded 30+ French SYW flags with more to come

Just uploaded some SYW Russian Cuirassiers flags

Just uploaded some TYW Danish, and 3 more Bohemian flags

Going on my website later this week will be a new addition of Flag Tassels.

Just uploaded some WSS Hanover flags

Just uploaded some SCW (Spanish Civil War) flags

More WSS British flags uploaded

More AWI Patriot flags uploaded

Just uploaded more SYW British Flags

Just uploaded new section FIW (French Indian Wars

Just uploaded speculative NAP Hungary, & more Prussian Landwehr flags

Just uploaded speculative NAP Austrian, & Bohemian Landwehr flags

Just added NAP Austrian Landwehr flags

Just added 3 NYW Brunswick fags

Just added some WSS French Gendarmes Cavalry Flags. More coming very soon..

My WSS range is steadily increasing with additions to the French, Danish, & Bavarians..

Just uploaded GNW Saxony flags

Now available, Basing Sand, plus small Stones and small Rocks

Just uploaded some WSS & NYW Savoy flags

Just uploaded the first of what will be many WSS Imperial/Austrian Flags

New WSS Danish flags have now been uploaded

Just finished and uploaded the first of SYW Prussian Dragoon flags

By request, just finished and uploaded some NAP  Russian Uhlan Pennants

By request, just finished and uploaded some NAP  Prussian Lancer Pennants

Just starting the long awaited WSS French Cavalry Standards. Check my Blog for further details.

Well, just created my own Blog for all you good people, please enjoy..

What many of you have been waiting for, WSS Dutch, done and uploaded, only a couple more cavalry flags to do.

Just finished and uploaded the first lot of Danish WSS flags.

Just finished and uploaded NAP Swedish flags.

Big news, after 2 weeks of testing by myself, and a few friends, I have finally got a good supplier of Silk, and am able to print my flags onto it. Keep checking back as I will be updating my website very soon with this option.

Just finished redoing the Duchy of Warsaw Infantry flags, Cavalry will follow very shortly

NAP Saxony 1802-1811 Infantry flags have just been uploaded & some French Fanions

Well, news, its all new..

Currently in the pipeline, decal transfers, for those fiddly to paint areas, like regiment numbers for the British water bottles..